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#85: How a Safety Pro Became a King

December 22, 2021 | 51 minutes  25 seconds

Receiving the title of “Chief” in a Northern Nigerian village isn’t very common, especially for an outsider from Tanzania. Neither is it common for tribal leaders to let an outsider help with the health and safety of their community. Both happened to Industrial Hygienist Manti Michael Nota. He has dedicated his career to improving occupational health in Africa. Currently, Manti is the Industrial Hygiene Project Coordinator & Nigeria Safer Mining Project Coordinator with Occupational Knowledge International (OKI)--- he is also a doctoral candidate. Our host Jill learns how Manti spent months building trust with tribal leaders to save the lives of hundreds through his work in preventing lead poisoning- and how his love for people continues to motivate him to do more. Part 1 of 2.

#84: Science, Politics, and Safety. How Are They Related?

December 1, 2021 | 1 hours  12 minutes  22 seconds

Like many of you, John Morawetz’s safety journey was a twisted one; full of priceless experiences, opportunities, and knowledge. His childhood was a little different than most. As a middle-class kid of two professors, John knew more about graphs than most kids knew about sports. He turned his early passion for justice and people into a career in health and safety, becoming Director of ICWUC Center for Workers Health and Safety and recently winning APHA’s Eula Bingham Award for Excellence in OHS Education and Training.

#83: Why You Should Be Networking More

November 17, 2021 | 53 minutes  50 seconds

From L'Oréal makeup to missile head manufacturing, 2020 NSC Rising Star Award recipient Laynnea Myles has seen it all when it comes to Environmental Health & Safety. Join Jill James as she unravels Laynnea's first steps in safety that turned into 17 years of networking, mentoring, and building others up. Learn how better networking can create a better community and keep more employees safe.

#82: Can Safety Training Be Fun?

November 3, 2021 | 55 minutes  18 seconds

The President of SafetyFUNdamentals, Linda Tapp, joins us to talk about her unique journey in safety. What started as a mysterious loss control job opportunity turned into years of safety experience and consulting. Linda explains how she and her organization are putting the fun back into fundamentals, how accelerated learning techniques in safety are taking off, and how a cheesecake landed her an important job.

#81: A Rising Star in Safety: Carter Divine

October 20, 2021 | 48 minutes  38 seconds

The National Safety Council announced its 12th class of Rising Stars in Safety, and we're not shocked that Carter's name was on the list! Through a high school project his junior year, Carter learned he might excel in the safety world. Like always, Jill asks about Carter's twisting path in safety which led him to be a safety manager within the Navy, overseeing projects across the U.S. Hear about Carter's exciting story that connects him even more with his dad.

#80: Is Work Stress an Epidemic?

September 8, 2021 | 51 minutes  28 seconds

Jill James talks with Dr. Marnie Dobson about work stress and how it relates to workplace health and safety. She is the Director of the Healthy Work Campaign as well as the Associate Director of the Center for Social Epidemiology. Through her years of research and analyzing results of work stress, we learn if it is, in fact, an epidemic. Although it can seem impossible to get rid of stress altogether, Dr. Dobson leaves us with solutions and resources to lower work stress in any industry.

#79: Police Officer Safety & Wellness

August 25, 2021 | 47 minutes  20 seconds

Jill James is joined by Jessica Toliver, who works as the Director of Technical Assistance at an independent research organization that focuses on critical issues in policing. Jessica explains her role in researching issues and providing best practice policies to agencies that need technical assistance. Police funding and resource management are hot topics in today's world. Jill uncovers the daily challenges that officers face when it comes to available resources, receiving help, and finding an outlet. Officer wellness and safety is an ongoing project, but Jess and her team continue working to improve how police services reach the public.

#78: Do I Want to Stay In Safety?

August 11, 2021 | 1 hours  5 minutes  10 seconds

Psychology, sociology, and safety; Erin joins us to share her unique perspective on safety. With 19 years of experience developing/managing EH&S programs, Erin has taken a step back to reflect on how safety really fits into her life. Learn how to reevaluate with our host Jill James and guest Erin Behlen.

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