Training for Mastering Difficult Conversations

Training for Mastering Difficult Conversations

I enjoy difficult conversations... said no one ever. But the reality is challenging situations in the workplace require tough conversations at the right time. This is one of the many soft skills that both employees and managers need to develop and should be part of every company training program.

In the age of AI, building soft skills is crucial, as noted by 91% of L&D professionals in LinkedIn Learning's 2024 Report. This is particularly relevant for managing difficult conversations, where effective communication and emotional intelligence are key. Additionally, with 47% of L&D teams planning to deploy microlearning programs, there's a growing emphasis on delivering concise, targeted training to enhance these essential skills.

It comes with the territory as a manager to provide constructive criticism or handle performance issues. Making mistakes at work is how employees learn. The intention should never be to make someone upset or feel beaten down after coaching conversations. The goal is always to improve performance, fix mistakes, and help employees grow professionally.

It’s even more challenging for employees to have difficult conversations with team members without the authority of a managerial position. Employees need to be both empowered and trained to take the right approach when necessary.

Difficult conversations are not high on anyone’s list of fun things to do. They can be emotionally charged, awkward, and uncomfortable.

HSI and HSI Blue Ocean Brain Training Topics to Improve Difficult Conversations

Don’t tap out of difficult conversations. Stay in them, lean into them, even when they are difficult, awkward, hard.” - Brené Brown, American professor, author, and podcast host

Avoiding a difficult situation in the workplace is not wise and often worsens the problem. That’s why different training courses and soft skills development are needed to enable a successful outcome for various types of conversations. HSI and HSI Blue Ocean Brain’s award-winning library includes these topics and more:

“People almost never change without first feeling understood.” - Douglas Stone, lecturer, and author of “Difficult Conversations”

HSI and HSI Blue Ocean Brain Can Help

“You’re not learning anything unless you’re having the difficult conversations.” - Gwyneth Paltrow, American actress and businesswoman

Clearly, having productive conversations in difficult situations requires training in a variety of soft skills topics. HSI and HSI Blue Ocean Brain offer ground-breaking microlearning solutions to companies of all sizes.

It’s simple to curate a curriculum for employees who are struggling with having hard conversations so they can take the right approach to each situation. Or, as many customers do, open the library for employees to access at any time. HSI Blue Ocean Brain has expert-developed Learning Pathways topics around difficult conversations such as Feedback & Performance Reviews, New Managers, and Conflict Management.

Please contact HSI to learn more about ensuring employees have access to microlearning soft skills training.

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