Selling Skills Training Videos

Selling Skills Training Videos

Our award-winning sales training videos and courses help boost your sales team's knowledge of the sales process. Our topics include handling discovery calls, DISC selling, handling objections, and much more.

Watch a few of our sales training videos below.

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Why HSI for Selling Skills Training Courses?

Utilizing a consistent and effective selling process is important for any sales team, and our selling skills training helps reinforce that expertise. Not only does our selling skills training help bolster your sales team's ability to move a prospect down the funnel, but gives your team a strong arsenal of selling tools. Using our videos to create sales training programs for your sales team helps unify the sales methodology so you can reach all of your sales goals.

Our video training on selling skills is useful in creating a consistent onboarding process for new sales hires. Our courses help newer salespeople with less experience develop critical skills such as how to leave a voicemail, turning features into benefits, and handling tough customers. These videos will help bring newer employees up to speed on your sales process and provide them with tools to close sales right out of the gate.

Our courses also help sales representatives develop the ability to sell based on personality type with our DISC series. They help a representative adjust their process to better suit the prospect's personality style: dominant, influence, steadiness, or compliant.

Additional Selling Skills Training Topics

Our library is full of useful tools to contribute to your team's personal selling success. We have other selling skills training topics such as:

  • Overcoming objections
  • Building great relationships
  • Territory development
  • Lead development
  • And much more!
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Selling to a C-Suite

It can be an intimidating task to sell to chiefs of departments or companies. How do you know when to move your sale to that level? How do you get an “in” with a chief? And what the heck do you say when you get there? That’s what we’ll cover in this course.

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Speaking Customer

Interactions with customers can be wonderful. You get to find out about what they need, how you can help them, get them to use your product or service, and make money while doing it. This is true especially if you speak their language: customer. In this course, we'll show you how.

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Speaking Customer

Asking Great Sales Questions

Asking the right kind of questions at the right time is how deals happen. Executing this successfully takes skill and practice. It shouldn't be an interrogation, but you definitely need to do more than scratch the surface to get to the customer’s true needs. Let’s go over different types of questions, including when and how they should be used. After that, we’ll discuss the do’s and don’ts of asking sales questions, and then cover some example questions to ask your prospects and get them talking.

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Closing the Sale

At closing, it can seem that you and your customer are pitted against each other. What if you were just simply guiding them through a path to met needs and benefit realization? And it was almost as if you were giving them a “gift” in the close? This course shows you the way.

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