Supervision Training Videos

Supervision Training Videos

Our supervisory training courses provide quick, effective training for anyone with a direct report. Our off-the-shelf content provides the perfect on-the-job supervision training solution that allows new supervisors to grow their skills as soon as they start their new roles. Veteran supervisors can access courses as needed to help set goals, conduct performance reviews, delegation, and more.

Watch a few of our supervisor training courses below.

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Why HSI for Supervision Training Courses?

Supervisory training is beneficial to anyone with a direct report, but training these supervisors can be a difficult task when they make up a smaller group of the employee base. Many companies wait to train them until they have a large enough group, which means that training new supervisors can take a back seat for months or even years. This is where our training makes a sensible addition to your supervisory training program. HSI's training gives supervisors access to content 24/7, on any device.

Supervisors can benefit from our training immediately as they transition into their new role, or as refresher training years later. With an increased amount of responsibility, supervisors have less time to dedicate to training and will benefit from our short-form courses that don't take up too much of their busy day.

Additional Supervision Training Topics

Allow your supervisors to practice essential skills such as goal setting, delegating, and counseling with supervisory training from HSI. We cover many supervisor training topics including:

  • Ethics
  • Managing for engagement
  • Effective performance reviews
  • Coaching skills
  • Impedership
  • Successful delegation
  • And much more!
Supervision Video Samples

Stop Doing and Start Managing

As a manager, it’s your job to manage. In the long run, doing instead of managing hurts your team and individual team members, it hurts productivity, and keeps you from doing the job you’re actually supposed to be doing. In this course, we’ll talk about how to stop doing, and start managing.

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What it Takes to Manage

Managing is not as easy as some people make it look, but it’s also not as difficult as some others make it look. Regardless, being a good manager is hard work! Here, we look at things to consider as you consider moving into management.

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Managing Difficult People

Have you ever worked with that person who technically doesn’t do anything wrong but is just… awful? How do you manage someone like this? What should you do if their behavior borders on inappropriate? In this program, we’ll discuss how to address these issues.

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If you’re the type who works day after day, and year after year, but don’t feel like you’re really getting anywhere, this course is for you. SMART is an acronym that you can reference as a guide for goal setting. Setting SMART goals will help you to focus your efforts, keep you accountable, and more.

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