Direct Store Delivery Training Videos

Direct Store Delivery Training Videos

Help your sales, delivery, and merchandising teams build stronger relationships with your clients. Our direct store delivery training courses cover retail selling tips, merchandising, how to best leverage a retail profitability model, and much more.

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Why HSI for Direct Store Delivery Training Courses?

Direct store delivery (DSD) is all about building and maintaining customer relationships. Effective communication and overcoming customer objections are just two of the skills needed to establish positive working relationships and sell your products. You then need to be able to effectively merchandise your product to promote sales.

Our direct store delivery training videos will help teach your salespeople how to effectively navigate these relationships and successfully sell their products.

Additional Direct Store Delivery Training Topics

Our direct store delivery topics cover content such as:

  • Retail selling
  • Merchandising
  • Retailer profitability model
  • Winning with Walmart
  • Shopper marketing
  • And more!
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Introduction to Merchandising

Merchandising, in its simplest form, is replenishing inventory on the sales floor that has sold down. This includes the primary shelf in the grocery aisle, as well as other various points of interruption. This course introduces you to retail merchandising to give you the knowledge and skills to be successful.

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Winning with Walmart: Flawless Execution

Winning with Walmart is all about retail execution at the store level. You can have the greatest brands, programs, business plans, and relationships, but none of that delivers any value until something gets executed in the store. Without retail execution in the CPG business, nothing happens. This video wraps up the series with learning focused around flawless execution in Walmart, and the quest of acquiring multiple points of interruption throughout the store.

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Retail Profitability Model: Introduction

In order to be a successful salesperson, your retail customers need to see you as a strategic partner. It’s a simple formula and all boils down to profit and how you can impact it. In this program, we will introduce you to the Retailer Profitability Model, and demonstrate how it works.

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Retail Selling: Handling Objections

Here’s why; If handled properly, objections can help you to succeed. An objection is a signal that your customer is engaged. It’s simply a request for more information. This course teaches how to overcome roadblocks and barriers to handle the dreaded “NO.”

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