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Your front-line customer service team has a difficult job working with the general public in person, via the phone, and on social media. They are also handling new challenges with the emboldened public who is quick to record a bad experience on their phone.

Our customer service training helps your employees deal with these modern issues while creating positive interactions and lasting relationships with customers.

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Why HSI for Customer Service Training Courses?

Your employees responsible for customer service need training and ongoing support to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. They deliver your brand promise with every customer interaction. Or do they? Customer service training videos from HSI provide short-form, eLearning content in a microlearning format. Our off-the-shelf content will engage and entertain your employees while they learn skills such as telephone techniques for handling angry callers and how to upsell in retail.

Additional Customer Service Training Topics

Let the experts at HSI help boost your customer service training program. We have created a comprehensive library that includes customer service training topics such as:

  • Creating great customer conversations
  • Feedback basics
  • Quality customer service
  • Working in retail
  • Telephone techniques
  • And much more!

Watch sample courses below.

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Creating Great Customer Conversations

What exactly does it take to have a good conversation that would be considered good service? Great customer conversations can be achieved with these five easy steps: Prepare, Greet, Act, Offer, and Thanks. That makes a great customer conversation.

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Working in Retail: How to Stay Positive with Customers

If you’re positive, your actions and communications will be positive, and in turn your interactions with your customers will be positive. There will always be someone you can’t please, but by eliminating certain phrases, you’ll increase your probability of a satisfied customer.

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Representing Your Brand

When you are wearing your uniform and name tag, you ARE the brand. There’s a lot that goes into making sure you represent your brand – your clothes, your hair, how you drive, and more. In this program, we’re going to talk about the way you present yourself and how it helps you be the brand.

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Telephone Techniques: Taking Calls

No matter what your situation is, there are some tips that can help you to be a better call-taker at work. That’s what we’ll cover in this course. We’ll go over how to speak courteously, and we’ll discuss what not to say. We’ll also touch on staying informed on your business and how to actively listen.

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