Hospitality Training Videos

Hospitality Training Videos

Front and back of the house, bartending, front desk, housekeeping, and valet are some of the hospitality training topics we offer. Our courses on hospitality are included in our Business Skills Library.

View a few of our full courses below!

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Hospitality Training Videos HSI

Why HSI for Hospitality Training Courses?

You've heard in the news that there is a tight labor market and an explosion of new restaurants across the country. Owners are challenged with finding and keeping talented staff members. You've also heard that one of the main reasons employees leave a job is because of a lack of training. With hospitality training videos from HSI, your staff will have immediate access to a complete library of videos that will provide a foundation for all areas of your restaurant and hotel operations.

  • Your hosts and servers will find helpful courses on greeting and seating guests, interacting with difficult people or those with special circumstances, taking orders and table service.
  • The series on front desk customer service covers etiquette and presentation, check-in and check-out, telephone techniques and handling upset guests.
  • Our housekeeping courses cover both guest rooms and public spaces.
  • Valet, room service, bartending, and kitchen safety are also topics covered in our hospitality series.

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Additional Hospitality Training Topics

Our Business Skills library covers even more hospitality training topics such as:

  • Valet
  • Food and beverage
  • Tourist attractions
  • And much more!
Hospitality Training Courses

Front Desk Customer Service: Telephone Techniques

Since you are working in a hotel, knowing the proper telephone techniques and etiquette are vital to working the front desk. This course provides essential tips for that.

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Front Desk Customer Service

Front of the House: Understanding the Menu

You need to anticipate any possible question your customers might ask about the menu. In this course, we’ll discuss the best ways to get to know the menu: from ingredients to pronunciations, and more.

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Understanding the Menu

Back of the House: Making the Menu

In this course, you’ll learn how to create a menu that showcases your cuisine. We’ll start with layout considerations, then look at how to organize your menu and showcase specialty items, and more.

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Back of the House Making the Menu

Valet: Driver Safety

When it comes to being a good valet, there are some safety essentials that you need to be familiar with. In this program, we’re going to talk about these safe driving habits.

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Valet Driver Safety
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