Communication Skills Training Videos

Communication Skills Training Videos

Imagine how productive and efficient your employees could be if they all had access to our communication skills training videos? Learn how to be more effective communicators with co-workers, vendors, and customers.

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Why HSI for Communication Skills Training Courses?

Communication is so much more than just the simple spoken word: body language, eye rolls, deep sighs, emails in ALL CAPS, voicemails, meeting notes and the list goes on and on. Providing your employees with communication skills training courses could improve their internal and external interactions. Purchasing may strike better deals, project managers deliver on time and on budget, customer service reps listen better, salespeople close more deals.

Additional Communication Skills Topics:

  • Active listening
  • Assertive verbal skills
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Manipulative communicators
  • Telephone techniques
  • And many more!

You can sample a handful of our communications skills videos below.

Communication Video Samples

Social Cues

Social cues are a difficult topic to cover. Because people are different and workplace practices vary, social cues and behavioral norms might also vary depending on where and how you work. In this program, we want to take you through some more general examples of behavioral missteps and how to pick up on the social cues surrounding those. The goal of this course is to help viewers better read social cues. We also want to remind viewers to show patience and compassion for those who struggle with social cues.

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Communicating with Confidence

In every interaction, it’s not what you communicate, but how you communicate that can make all the difference. Do you communicate with confidence? What does that even mean? Well, you must be able to cultivate the emotional control, insight, charisma, and courage to voice your ideas. In this program, we want to discuss confident communication and the steps you can take to be great at it. We’ll cover identifying and controlling your emotions, identifying goals, having clear views, preparation, and respect.

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Straight Talk on Bad Language

Two out of three people say they prefer NOT to hear cursing in public conversations, and they’re offended when they do hear it. That’s a large part of the population that’s offended when they hear people cursing. Meanwhile, a recent study revealed that 81% of employers believe that swearing at work is unprofessional. In this program, we’ll go over several other surprising statistics, while we discuss the use of bad language in the workplace, and when it is, or is not appropriate.

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Straight Talk Bad Language

Communicating with the C-Suite: When They're New

Who you work for matters. Having “bad leadership” is frequently cited as a reason for leaving an organization. However, even if you like who you’re working for when you start a new job, there’s no guarantee for the future. In fact, in the workplace, there’s nothing quite so constant as change. So in this program, we’ll talk about how to successfully handle a change in leadership.

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