Human Performance for System Operators with Simulation

Course overview

Understanding the psychology and physiology of human performance can help improve awareness and critical thinking skills essential to improving reliability of the bulk power system. Students learn to identify the correct tools for system operators and reduce unwanted variables in human behaviors. This NERC CEH training class is designed to make operators more aware of what goes into their decision making through practice and exercises on our proprietary power system simulator.

Topics include:

  • Human performance and operator tasks
  • Understanding the effects of psychology and physiology on performance
  • Recognizing error-likely situations
  • Identifying proper tools for specific system operations error-likely situations

Learning objectives:

  • Identify how the current view of human error impacts the performance of system operators
  • Identify and explain terms and errors related to system operator human errors
  • Describe the types of attention we have as well as the limitations that exist on our attention
  • Identify and define mental biases and shortcuts
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