Voltage Control with Simulation

Course overview

Voltage Control covers the fundamentals of voltage control in the power system, focusing on different types of equipment which affect or control reactive power. This NERC CEH training class takes a more in-depth look at these principles, then discusses voltage stability, instability, and collapse. Using our proprietary power system simulator, students experience different voltage control scenarios, including voltage stability and instability, preventing voltage collapse, and system emergencies.

Topics include:

  • Electric power principles
  • Generators and transmission lines
  • Voltage and power control equipment
  • NERC standards and the system operator role

Learning objectives:

  • Define voltage, phase angle, and power angle in a power system
  • Explain the power triangle and power factor
  • Describe voltage collapse
  • List four actions a system operator should consider in controlling system voltages
  • Simulate impacts to power system voltage
  • Demonstrate correct usage of voltage control equipment to maintain system voltage in acceptable range
  • Recall the purpose and function of protective relays (PRC-001)
  • Identify components used in protection system scheme design
  • Differentiate between Remedial Action Schemes and Protection System scheme
  • Recall industry Lessons Learned on protection system mis-operation
  • Simulate impacts of power system faults
  • Demonstrate coordination and notification of protection systems
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