Analyzing and Mitigating Contingencies

Course overview

This NERC CEH training develops and tests system operator knowledge in identifying, analyzing, and mitigating contingencies on the BES. Analyzing and Mitigating Contingencies defines and applies situational awareness to improve operating sensibility while analyzing and prioritizing system contingencies. Using our proprietary power industry simulation, students locate, adjust, and/or direct system components to mitigate the adverse effects of contingencies.

Topics include:

  • Reliability, adequacy, and predictability
  • Contingency identification
  • Situational awareness
  • Operation planning analysis and Real-time assessment
  • Real-time assessment requirements
  • Potential contingency analysis
  • Contingency mitigation

Learning objectives:

  • Define reliability, adequacy, and predictability
  • List ways to identify contingencies
  • Define Operational Planning Analysis and Real-time Assessment
  • Apply situational awareness to analyze potential contingencies
  • Locate, adjust, and/or direct system components to mitigate the effects of contingencies
  • Identify Real-time Assessment requirements as identified in NERC standards and requirements
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