Emergency Management

Superior emergency preparedness and management

Consolidate your Emergency Management program into a unified system. Track organizational preparedness, manage drills and inductions, and leverage the HSI personal emergency evacuation plan template.

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Superior emergency preparedness and management

Emergency Management – HSI Key Differentiators

Key Documentation in a Central Repository


Ensure your designated emergency personnel and broader employee base can access essential emergency management plans and documentation. Cascade any important updates to stakeholders through the HSI platform.

Manage the Full Lifecycle of Key Emergency Personnel

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Manage the full spectrum of activity from nomination, to training and retirement of fire and first aid wardens. This includes first aid, CPR and MHFA (mental health first aid) certification and expiry management.

Drive Higher Engagement and Compliance

Safety Meeting Management

Enjoy peace-of-mind knowing all workers, visitors and contractors have acknowledged your emergency procedures and policies. Ensure all relevant parties have undertaken and completed the requisite training to keep your organization compliant.

Develop Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs)

Stay Ahead of Emergencies

Let HSI do the heavy lifting by leveraging the PEEP template within the platform. Ensure that workers, contractors and visitors with special needs have a thorough, documented emergency response plan addressing evacuation requirements. Manage all types of PEEP’s, including temporary requirements for short term injuries, temporary medical conditions and those in later stages of pregnancy.

Comply with Regulatory Standards, Obligations, and Best Practices

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Safeguard your business and promote a culture of safety and responsibility. Ensure compliance with essential standards and regulations.

Stay Ahead of Emergencies

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Adhere to regulatory requirements such as OSHA and EHS that require employers to have a written emergency action plan that includes procedures for alerting and evacuating employees during an emergency situation. You also have a single source to easily access previous safety alerts for a comprehensive audit trail.

Manage all emergency management protocols from a single-source solution

Cloud-based platform: This system supports large-scale data, user groups,
different devices, and applications wherever your workforce is located.

Limitless Configurability: Unify all data silos to drive real-time decisions.

Built-in mobility: Works securely on any mobile device or browser,
anywhere, online and offline.

Maximum adoption: Simplify the entire end-user experience driving record
employee participation levels organization-wide.

Modular framework: Build the solution you need ensuring workflows, reporting,
and automation are all working as one.

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Emergency Preparedness

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