Course overview

Mentors are experienced employees who share their wisdom openly and fairly, without reservation. Mentees are employees who have shown potential for growth. Some are new to the industry while others are ready to move into leadership positions.

A mentoring program creates relationships between employees, mentors, and mentees. This relationship allows the development and transfer of knowledge and information while helping employees grow professionally.

The HSI Mentoring instructor-led class helps companies develop an effective mentorship program and encourages mentors to enhance their skills. With a slant toward utilities, this class discusses how to help operators build expertise and outlines a process to follow for a strong mentorship program.

This class covers the concepts of learning, coordinating individual differences, and managing cognitive load. The second half of the class is a workshop focusing on:

  • Job tasks
  • Qualification cards
  • Mentor core responsibilities
  • OJT expectations
  • OJT prep checklist for mentor

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