SAT Applied

Course overview

This workshop focuses on the more difficult components of instruction. Using a scenario and activity based format, students apply instruction techniques from the complete course in a safe and critically constructive environment. This workshop uses the following activities:

  • Group analysis and feedback
  • Ample practice time
  • Instructor-led discussion on real-world application

Day 1 – SAT Overview (only required if students have not taken SAT Complete)

Day 2 – Knowing and Responding to Individual Needs

With an emphasis on instructor preparation, this lesson lets participants practice engaging a variety of learners. These scenarios allow instructors an opportunity to practice identifying the individual characteristics of their students, while accounting for the unique attributes of every situation. Participants are challenged to address the following strengths and limitations in ways only real-world scenarios can provide:

  • Student-centered training
  • Psychology of retention
  • Learning styles
  • Recycling frustration

Day 3 – Implementing Higher Level Instruction

Understanding the complexity of student-centered instruction is the first step in an effective training program. These scenarios simulate common real-world situations where students challenge instructors to help them learn concepts and apply skills in unexpected ways.

  • Situational awareness
  • Critical thinking
  • Microlearning
  • Recording and rewarding

Throughout the workshop, students are given an opportunity to apply their learning to their own situations.

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